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The Climbing Park – Have Fun in the Trees!

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Where to go on your school trip? Hiking, again? It doesn’t have to be! Sayn Climbing Park offers up fun, sport, excitement and the great outdoors. It’s the perfect idea for a great school trip.

Together, your class will experience a unique adventure that will bring them closer to one another. Every pupil also has the chance to test themselves and push through their own personal barriers. This combination of group experience and personal adventure is exactly what constitutes the perfect school trip in this day and age. Make Sayn Climbing Park your next destination and experience this first-hand.


Kids Ropes Course

“Takka-Tukka-Land” - our new kids course – was designed especially with smaller children (who can grip something  at 1.20m or are with a parent) in mind. It allows them to have fun in the trees but be near the ground at all times. The 20 elements comprising the course conform to the Spielplatznorm – the European standard for playgrounds. Although the course has no point which is higher than 1.80m, the safety system is identical to the one used on the high ropes courses. This allows our little guests to experience the flair of the park, whilst staying close to ground level.

Opening Times

School classes can come at any time but must book in advance.


The entrance fee is € 11 per pupil. For every 10 pupils, 1 accompanying adult can go for free. This fee includes 3 hours climbing, kit rental, a safety briefing and supervision from our instructors in the park. You should plan in 3-4 hours for your complete stay.

How to Get Here

The Climbing Park can be reached easily using public transport. By bus, get off at the Sayn palace stop and follow the signs for Kletterwald Sayn. After a short march you’ll reach the park. If you’re travelling by private bus or coach, then you can park and get off/on at the Brexbachtal carpark entrance. It is a short walk to the park from here.  

Warning! If you are travelling by a large private bus or coach then please note the following:

Due to roadworks on Brextalstraße, we recommend getting off at Sayn palace and informing the driver that he or she can park at the Sayner Hütte. This does not apply to public buses.

Important information

Under 18yrs. need written consent from a parent or legal guardian. Unfortunately, without this consent they will not be allowed to take part. You can find the form here. Teachers do not need a climbing licence in order to bring their class on a visit to the park. Every teacher can come along with their class. Because of our safety system, a grip height of 1.60m (1.20m on the kids course) is required in order that participants can move around the courses on their own. If a participant cannot reach this height then someone who can has to climb with them and help with the safety system. This can be an accompanying adult or tall pupil. One person can only help a maximum of two others at any one time.  Please make sure that lower graders are aware of this and this procedure is adhered to at all times.


In order that your visit is a relaxed one – also for the accompanying person – safety is taken very seriously. After arriving in the park, specially trained safety instructors will take your class and accompany them along the ropes courses from start to finish.

After a short welcome, there will be a detailed briefing on equipment, safety techniques and rules of behaviour. The subsequent trial run on the “Eifel” and “Hunsrück” ropes course will be closely monitored by our instructors and every pupil will have to show that they have understood and follow the correct procedures.

Only when a pupil has completed this trial run without making a mistake, are they allowed onto the high ropes courses. Our instructors will still be present in order to monitor whether the procedure and rules are being followed. Pupils are also split into small teams that are mutually responsible for monitoring one another. When the pupils return to the ground, the instructor will give the group back to the teacher.


We look forward to you swinging by and wish you:

Lots of tree-top fun!

Your Sayn Climbing Park Team


  1. Enquire which pupils are interested in going
  2. Letter to parents  
  3. Fill out the online booking form and submit
  4. Wait for our reply
  5. Pass on information 
  6. Collect conditions of participation
  7. Collect money
  8. Clarify transportation
  9. Have fun in the tree-tops!

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