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GPS Treasure Hunt

Gold rush fever has hit! Are you itching for an adventure that will test your wits and sense of direction?

Hidden deep in the forest lies the object of your desire. The only way to find it is armed with a GPS device and treasure map. Various tasks have to be completed on the way in order to uncover the treasure. You’ll need a keen eye and a good nose. You can find out more about the GPS Treasure Hunt here

Choose between different GPS treasure hunts with various route lengths and difficulty. They’ll lead you through the wonderful countryside of the middle Rhine region and allow you to take in the local cultural sights. The most modern GPS technology will certainly help you find your way and could help solve tricky puzzles. Our GPS treasure hunt is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that combines taking in the sights with orienteering. You can be sure of:

Having fun on tour!



• Modern GPS device (Garmin Oregon)
• Instructions how to use the device
• Set up of the treasure hunt


Prices for the GPS treasure hunt are available on request.


Which GPS Treasure Hunt?

The treasure of Sayn-Wittgenstein leads you through the historic town of Bendorf Sayn and into the castle’s park, where princes and damsels used to dwell. This rather easy tour should take between 1.5 – 2.5 hours.  

Both the treasure of Brexbachtal valley and the treasure of Wenigerbachtal valley allow you to take in beautiful parts of the local countryside. The contrast between the rugged forest and open fields of the Neuwied basin and the Eifel is incomparable. The routes start from the climbing park or Hotel friends and can, depending on length and level of difficulty, take anywhere between 1.5 – 5 hours. Routes vary from easy to very difficult.


Stages of the GPS Treasure Hunt:

1. Decide on one of the above treasure hunts and route length

2. Book your own treasure hunt using our booking form

3. Arrival and welcoming at Hotel friends or Sayn Climbing Park

4. Receive treasure map and instructions on how to use the GPS device

5. GPS treasure hunt

6. Recover the treasure

7. Climbing in our park is possible before or after